Syslog Proxy port not changing when configured in Event Source Management (ESM)

  • 3865238
  • 17-Aug-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 6.0.xx Sentinel Control Center
Sentinel 6.0 Syslog Proxy


In Sentinel 6.0's ESM when trying to configure the Syslog Proxy's listening port the port will not "stick" even when clicking 'Ok' to save the changes.


To get the changes to stay change the radio button next to the type of connection from UDP to one of the other two options and then to the desired option (if not there already). For example change it from UDP to TCP and back to UDP if the desired protocol is UDP. Alternatively change it from TLS to TCP if the despired protocol is TCP. Once this change is made fill in the desired port and click 'Ok'. Changing the radio button causes ESM to detect the change and it will be saved this time when clicking'Ok'. This bug has been reported to be fixed.


Reported to Engineering