Duplicate entries after a mobile phone synchronization.

  • 3860622
  • 26-Nov-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7


There is a GMS account that when a user synchronizes his items on a phone, it creates duplicate entries in his GroupWise mailbox. Those duplicates are then synchronized also to a GMS account / phone.


There are few possible procedures to resolve this problem:
Procedure A
  • Start Admin Console on your GMS server.
  • Launch WebAdmin from there and once it is loaded, replace a text after IP address by diag, i.e. URL will be like /diag.
  • Go into Email accelerator section.
  • All Accounts.
  • Find and pick the first user that reported a problem.
  • Note his key string.
  • Go into GMS server directory structure, C:\Program Files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\Pim\SharedFileSystem\Account. Here is a list of directories that correspond to a string from previous step.
  • Delete the user`s directory based upon the user string you found before.
  • Return back to the diag WebConsole and from the user account displayed, click on Reset. This will re-sync the data from his GW mailbox and update his user DB on the GMS server.
  • Wait a bit and then let the user login in his GMS account via WebPim interface to see if the items were "re-filled".
  • After this is OK, let the user sync using his phone. During a sync process you might get an option"Merge" settings which he shall select to merge items on a phone and in his new GMS account. Go for this option only when there are no duplicates on a phone anymore.
Procedure B
  • Let a user to login in his GMS mailbox via WebPim interface.
  • Go into Settings section.
  • In a Device name section highlight and delete his mobile device(s).
  • Let him sync his mobile device again and see if duplicate entries still exists.
Procedure C
  • Start Admin Console on your GMS server.
  • Expand Intellisync Mobile Suite and under Management | Users find the user account.
  • Delete the account from there. This does not remove entries on his mobile phone.
  • Let the user login via WebPim interface into his account. This will re-create his new GMS account that needs to be configured again. After he clicks on Email section, all mails from GroupWise mailbox will be synced here again.
  • After that let the user sync his mobile phone. If the phone client supports"Merge" option, go for it.