Howto create your own NetWare Access Gateway custom install CD

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  • 21-May-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Netware Access Gateway


Certain hardware platforms may require custom drivers to be loaded during the install. If these custom drivers are available, administrators would find it very useful to be able to build an ISO image with these updated drivers so that a base install would work without manually adding the custom drivers during the install.


  • Need to Linux desktop ....
  • Obtain a reasonably recent ISO image.
  • Mount it on the loopback interface. (mount -o loopdirectory_filename_)
  • copy all files recursively into another directory. (cp -rdirectory_/* _newdir)
  • change all files rw ( chmod --recursive a+rw _newdir_/* )
  • execute the following command in newdir ( find | grep"TRANS.TBL" | xargs rm )
  • Then replace files needed on CD, either in the corresponding directory on the CD, or files which go into SYS: by copying them into \NWUPDATE\SYS\correspondingdir, for example \NWUPDATE\SYS\SYSTEM\PROXY.NLM goes into SYS:\SYSTEM\PROXY.NLM These files are laid down directly after the SYS image is restored, before ANY OTHER NLM is executed.
  • then use k3B, make a Data CD. Name = ACC_GW_3, allow long names in the options.
  • As boot loader, select NO EMULATION, file is STARTUP/NWLOADER.SYS