ZMD architecture on SLE 10 FAQ

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  • 09-Mar-2007
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ZMD architecture on SLE 10 FAQ


QUESTION: What is the ZMD architecture?

ANSWER: The ZMD architecture mockup (and general discussion of the update stack in

SLE 10) can be found here:

QUESTION: What are all of the zen rpms that come with SLE 10?

ANSWER: libzypp, zmd-backend, zmd, rug, zen-updater

QUESTION: What does each do and how do they relate to each other?


libzypp - It is the common backend between yast and zmd.

zmd-backend - It is the connector between libzypp and zmd

zen-updater - GUI tools for update. Contains zen-updater (the actual

updater), zen-installer (just for install) and zen-remover (for remove).

It is sliced in three because a lightweight interface was intended.

zmd - It is the daemon for the update stack, common backend for rug and


rug - cli frontend for zmd

QUESTION: What zen module starts what?

ANSWER: Read the arch doc.

QUESTION: Where are the files and folders located?

ANSWER: Ask rpm to give you that info:

rpm -ql rug-

and so over all the packages.

QUESTION: What is the config file to put in rug set commands?

ANSWER: Use rug to set it. The data is stored in:


Direct edition of the zmd.conf is not recommended.

QUESTION: Where is the zmd cache folder?

ANSWER: /var/cache/zmd

QUESTION: Where are the zmd logs?

ANSWER: /var/log/zmd-messages

QUESTION: What is the predecessor of each SLE 10 ZEN agent component in terms of functionality?

ANSWER: In NLD 9 we used:

red-carpet -> zen-updater

rug -> rug

rcd -> zmd, libzypp-zmd-backend, libzypp