missing luns, unable to migrate cluster resource

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  • 17-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Pools missing after adding space
nw 6.5 sp5

Hardware consists of two HP DL360 G4 Servers called Novellrocks-06 andNovellrocks-07 that make up a two server cluster called novellrocksCL1. NetWare 6.5 SP5 is the OS.

Both servers have two QLogic 2200 HBA cards; each card is connected one of two IBM ESS (Shark Storage) units. Each HBA card is zoned for a specific IBM ESS unit.

(I.e. The cards - slot 1 connected to ESS1 and slot 2 connected to ESS2, for both servers)

LUNS (devices) are being assigned from both IBM storage units.

LUNS are assigned to both servers when additional disk space is needed.


Pools missing devices after adding space.
Missing LUNs.

Additional LUNS (devices) were added to the two servers in the cluster.

The problem started after addition space was assigned to each of the pools on serverNovellrocks-07. Server novellrocks-cl7 can see all pools while server Novellrocks-06 can see all but three pools.


The HBA cards on Novellrocks-06 were both set to 64 LUNS (the default).

When the additional LUNS were assigned and space added, it was done onNovellrocks-07 which was set to 256. The maximum allowed for the HBA cards is 256 and the cards should be changed to this amount. Once the HBA cards on Novellrocks-06 were changed to 256, the pools were available.

To change the HBA card settings, you must reboot the server and wait for the prompt "ALT-Q".

This opens the QLogic Menu which allows you to get the MAC address, used in zoning, and allows you to change the card settings. Highlight "Configuration Settings” and press enter.

Select "Advanced Adapter Settings” and press enter.

Notice in the screen below that the Luns per Target is set to 256. The problem was caused because it was set to 64 which were below the number that had been assigned.