ZCM Migration Error - "Could not find mandatory attribute appFlags"

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  • 23-Nov-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management
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Migrating application objects to ZCM from ZDM
ERROR: "Could not find mandatory attribute appFlags"


The"App:Flags" attribute on some application objects held a NULL value.
This is an illegal value that was caused by a particular version of the ZFD 3 ConsoleOne Snap-ins.
To fix the application, Change the "Disconnectable" checkbox in the application object and hit apply.
Then revert the value to the original value and hit apply again.
Additionally, KB 3457633 shows all of the application settings that make up the App:Flags attribute. Changing any one of these will help ensure the value is not null. After updating the object, check the value of the App:Flags attribute using a tool such as LDAP or DSReport.
It is also possible that the symptom above could be a result of the attribute"App Flags" existing in the schema of the tree from the original ZENworks Starter Pack. To fix this, in the LDAP Group Object Attribute Mapping, map "App Flags" to "AppFlagsOld", because "App Flags" is no longer used for ZENworks application objects.
Note: If you are using ConsoleOne to change the mappings and the change doesn't seem to fix the problem, be sure to use the latest ldap snapins (help/about snapins/version 8.62 or later) and refer to TIDs 10071833 and 10071843 at support.novell.com for information on changes in the mapping attributes.

Additional Information

If all application objects, including newly created ones, give you this error, then it is recommended to check the LDAP Group Object Attribute Mappings that the LDAP Server Object is using.
Please refer to the "Prerequisites" section of the "ZCM10 ZENworks Migration Guide".