Push does not work with newer Symbian UIQ devices.

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  • 17-Jul-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 7
GroupWise Mobile Server 2
Symbian UIQ mobile devices


Any Push configuration changes made on newer Symbian UIQ devices (like Sony Ericsson M600i, i950w ...) are not saved.
Older Symbian UIQ devices (like Sony Ericsson P910i) with older clients still work fine.


Nokia developemnt will include the fix in next version of the GMS software.

Additional Information

There is a workaround that can help with Symbian UIQ devices:
  • Start Admin Console on the GMS server
  • Check Properties of the Intellisync Mobile Suite
  • In General tab go in a section Website security settings and enable the option "Force website access to use HTTPS"
  • Restart Intellisync service
  • It might be necessary to reinstall also a client on a Symbian UIQ phone