Error -602 in Time Synchronization check

  • 3829529
  • 06-Aug-2007
  • 23-Jan-2020


NetIQ eDirectory


When running 'ndsrepair -T', the following error is seen:

ERROR: Could not connect to server, Error : -602

Error code -625 may also be listed.


Run a network address repair.

Linux: In the console, enter 'ndsrepair -N', select any item in the list, then select 'Repair all network addresses'. 

Windows: From the Control Panel, run 'NetIQ eDirectory Services'. Select 'dsrepair.dlm' and click 'Start'. Input 'Ctrl+N' to initiate the repair.


In most cases this is a cosmetic error. External reference servers (servers that do not hold any replicas) do not need to maintain communication with every server in the tree. By default, an external reference server does not populate the "Status" attribute for every server.

Additional Information

If you run the repair in the "Resolution" section and timeouts or other errors occur, you should troubleshoot network connectivity and ensure that all eDirectory servers are online and responsive.

Formerly known as TID# 10100067.