NDS Error -669 creating a user in iManager 2.6 without a password

  • 3829111
  • 30-Oct-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory for All Platforms
Novell iManager 2.6


Attempting to create a user in iManager without a password (Allow user to log in without a password) gives a -669 error.

(Error -669) An invalid password was used, authentication failed, one server tried to synchronize with another one but the target server's database was locked, or a problem exists with the remote ID or public key.

Screenshot of error in iManager 2.6:


Apply eDirectory 8.7.3 SP9 FTF3 (or greater). See readme for details on applying the patch.

The fix for this issue is in jclnt.nlm/jclntr.nlm (NetWare) and jclient.jar (all other platforms.)