8209 File does not exist while importing documents

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  • 02-Jan-2007
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell GroupWise 7.x


Error "8209: File does not exist"
Error creating or importing new documents into a GroupWise 7 Library.
Import or Create Documents with GroupWise 7 Document Management


Possible solutions to this error follow:
1) If a Library Storage Area is being used, ensure that the root directory structure (as indicated in the Details on the Post Office under Library Storage Areas) exists. Check the properties of the library / storage area and insure that the path to the storage area is valid and exists.
2) If no Storage Area is being used and documents are stored at the post office instead, ensure that a \DOCS directory exists beneath the \LIBXXXX directory to which the library belongs. Manually creating the path is the best method for correcting this condition. NOTE: There is no need to manually create the \FD* directories beneath the root directory. As documents are added, the client or the POA will create these directories.
3) Insure the directory structure where the storage area resides adheres to the 8.3 standard. Any directories in the storage area path need to be 8 characters or less.
4) Insure that POA startup file sys:\system\?.poa contains a user and password of an NDS user with rights to the storage area.

Additional Information

Note: Under normal circumstances, the POA agent will create the appropriate directory structure for the documents. However, if the POA cannot attach to the location of the Library Storage Area, the initial create of the root directory structure may fail.

Note: If the storage area resides on a different volume or server then the post office it is necessary to add the /user /password to the poa startup file .poa in order that the POA may log in and have rights to the storage areas. You can add this user to the poa startup file under sys:\system\*.poa and restart the POA.

Formerly known as TID# 10010100