Object not found! Error 404 using terminal server authentication

  • 3824318
  • 20-Dec-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.8 Support Pack 5 Intern release 1
BM38SP5_IR1.EXE patch


After apply BM38SP5_IR1.EXE patch, when using terminal server authentication, after enter the credentials, an Object not found! 404 error is displayed on the browser.


This only happens the first time user authenticates to BorderManager using Terminal Server authentication. Once BorderManager authenticates the users, it sends the wrong redirect. When the 404 error is seen, the url on the browser shows that the BorderManager name has been appended to the original url, causing it to be invalid.
For example, user types http://www.google.com, he gets authenticated and the url sent back from BorderManager is http://borderservername/www.google.com.
If user types again the original url, www.google.com, it will go thru.
It is an annoying issue that only appear first time user is authenticated to the server and the only workaround is to retype the url again