Unable to recreate the LDAP server and group object using iManager or ConsoleOne.

  • 3821571
  • 05-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 SP9 for Windows 2000
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6f
Novell iManager 2.6


A server's LDAP server and group object were deleted.

When attempting to recreate these objects in iManager an error is displayed when attempting to associate the server's object to the group object.
Unable to attach the LDAP Server to the LDAP Group
The LDAP group could not be saved because there was a version incompatibility.

When performing the same task in ConsoleOne 1.3.6f the recreation and association appear to go well but LDAP fails to respond on the server. A DSTRACE reveals that there is a version mismatch between the server object and the group object.


This will not be fixed in Console One.  The fix is in the latest version of iMgr and its plugins.  (iMgr 2.7.3 with the latest plugins as of 05/24/2010.)
Using Console One with the LDAP snapins disabled go to the Other tab within the Properties of the LDAP Group object. Examine the value for the configversion attribute on this object. It will have a value of0if this error occurred. Simply change this to the correct value, 3, restart LDAP services and the association should complete on the next attempt.