How to capture a NMAS Server trace

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  • 22-Jun-2007
  • 13-Feb-2017


Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell Modular Authentication Services (NMAS)


How to capture a NMAS Server trace
NDS iMonitor


The following are steps on how to capture an NMAS trace using iMonitor, DSTRACE.NLM (NetWare) and NMASMON.NLM (NetWare) and NDSTRACE (linux).

NDSTRACE (linux)

1. On the Linux server terminal, type "ndstrace"  (/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndstrace by default)
2. set ndstrace = none
3. ndstrace +time +tags +nmas
4. ndstrace file on
5. set ndstrace =*r (clears the trace file)
6. reproduce the issue.
7. ndstrace file off
8. The ndstrace.log trace file can be found in /var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log by default

NDS iMonitor

1. Launch NDS iMonitor on the NMAS server by going to http: //ip_address:port/nds   (Linux: http://ip_address:8028/nds by default)
2. Select the Trace Configuration hyperlink or the icon at the top of the screen with the lightening bolt.
3. Under DS Trace Options, remove all selections.
4. In the bottom section, select the NMAS trace option
5. Select the Trace On button.
6. Click the Refresh Button on your Browser and you should see a Trace Live link on the left.
7. By default the trace will not refresh automatically. Select the Refresh On button to turn on the auto refresh
8. Once the trace traffic has been captured, go back to the Trace Configuration link and select the Trace Off button.
9. You can view the trace file by going to the Trace History hyperlink or you can find the trace HTM file located in the following directories:

Netware: SYS:\SYSTEM\ndsimon\DSTRACE\*.htm
UNIX: /var/nds/dstrace/*.htm


1. On the NetWare server console, type DSTRACE.NLM
2. Type DSTRACE.NLM again and you'll get a list of all options. Hit a key.
3. Type DSTRACE -ALL +NMAS and enter.
4. Type DSTRACE SCREEN ON FILE ON and enter.
5. The screen should look like the following

6. Switch to the DSTrace Console screen and watch the traffic.
7. Once the traffic has been captured, type DSTRACE SCREEN OFF FILE OFF.
8. The location of the file is SYS:\SYSTEM\dstrace.log

NMASMON.NLM (use only for NetWare 6.0)

1. At the server console type NMASMON * SYS:\nmas.txt trunc (You can specify whatever file you want. nmas.txt is used in this example.
2. You'll get a screen that looks like the following

3. Once the trace traffic has been captured, UNLOAD NMASMON.
4. Retrieve the TXT file specified in step 2.

NOTE: NMASMON.NLM is the old way of tracing NMAS traffic. NMASMON should only be used for NetWare 6.0 servers where DSTRACE can't be used. If NMASMON.NLM does not exist on a server, you can copy it from a different server if desired.
To capture a NMAS Client trace see "How to capture a NMAS Client trace - TID 3331372"

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