Access Manager statistics graphs not displaying any data

  • 3810221
  • 02-Apr-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3


In the Access Manager Administration Console, when an administrator goes to Access Manager | Access Gateways | View (under Statistics for an individual Access Gateway) and then clicks on any of the Graphs links, no data is displayed in the graph.


There are at least two situations in which an administrator might see this behavior:

1. The Access Gateway server that the administrator is viewing statistics for is down or otherwise unavailable to the Administration Console server. Ensure that the Access Gateway is up and communicating properly with the Administration Console server. Statistical data is stored in internal counters on each Access Gateway server and is reset when the server is rebooted. The primary Administration Console server pulls this data from the Access Gateway when it is viewed by the administrator.

2. The administrator is not using the primary Administration Console server, but is using one of the secondary servers to view the graphs. The administrator should log out of the Administration Console they are using and log in to the primary Administration Console server to view the graphs. The primary Administration Console server is always the first server installed.