IDM 3.0.1 PeopleSoft Driver Install

  • 3805172
  • 08-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Driver- People Soft Driver


The PeopleSoft driver is not installed on Linux, AIX, or Solaris even though the package/rpm is provided on the install media.


Manually install the package/rpm from the install media.

1. Install IDM Metadirectory Server or Remote Loader.

2. As a user with root privileges, install the driver package for the appropriate platform after uninstalling any previous version. For eDirectory 8.7.3, use the default install location (/usr). For eDirectory 8.8, you will need to relocate the package to /opt/novell/eDirectory.

Linux or AIX:

rpm -e --allmatches --nodeps novell-DXMLpsoft

eDir 8.7.3: rpm -i --replacefiles --nodeps/linux/setup/packages/novell-DXMLpsoft*

eDire 8.8: rpm -i --replacefiles --nodeps --relocate=/usr=/opt/novell/eDirectory/linux/setup/packages/novell-DXMLpsoft*


pkgrm -n -a /var/sadm/install/admin/admin.nds4s DXMLpsoft

pkgadd -n -r /var/sadm/install/admin/admin.nds4s -a /var/sadm/install/admin/admin.nds4s -d/solaris/setup/packages/DXMLpsoft.pkg* DXMLpsoft