Linux Access Gateway Server Health status is shown as "Server is not reporting"

  • 3803400
  • 06-Nov-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Management 3 Linux Access Gateway
Novell Access Management 3 Access Administration
Access Manager 3 Support Pack 1 Interim Release 1 applied


When the DNS Server is configured incorrectly, or when the DNS server is not operating, the health check module of Linux Access Gateway gets into indefinite state. The administration console reports the status as "Server is not reporting".

This problem occurs after applying the Access Manager 3 Interim Release 1 patch where changes to the DNS health check process were made to be able to determine the state of a Web server defined using a DNS hostname rather than the recommended IP address of the Web server.


To correct this symptom, DNS server needs to be operating correctly. Once the DNS server is back to operational state, the Linux Access Gateway health check module recovers automatically.

Note that this health check issue will not prevent the proxy server from functioning correctly.