Unable to retract GWIA mail when set for Delayed Delivery

  • 3800546
  • 26-Nov-2007
  • 27-Feb-2014


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012


Delayed message retracted before it is due to be delivered; however, external users still receive retracted message.

User sends delayed message to internal and external (Internet) users and later retracts delayed message. Internal users do not receive the message; however, the message is delivered to the external recipients.


This is working as designed. It has been submitted as an enhancement for review in a future release of GroupWise


Delete the message file from the\WPGATE\GWIA\GWHOLD directory after retracting the email.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:

1. In the GroupWise client do File | New | Mail.
2. Address the TO: field to a user on the Internet.
3. Click on Send Options, mark 'Delayed Delivery' and set the time to a
future time.
4. In the 'Sent Items' folder right click on the item a retract it. The file
is never retracted from the \WPGATE\GWIA\GWHOLD directory and
therefore, is sent at the time of the delay.

Formerly known as TID# 10068850