Does iPrint have the ability to push printers to users? - YES

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  • 18-Oct-2007
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How can I push iPrint printers to a workstation?
Does iPrint have Remote Printer Management ability?
Does iPrint have the ability to push printers to users?
Does iPrint have RPM abilities?


As of July 2006, the answer is Yes. The feature is named iPrint Client Management (iCM). To obtain this feature and its documentation, search Novell's File Finder for iprint.sch (an important file needed to install the feature). iCM is not included with the iPrint client for Vista. For Vista workstations, see the workaround listed below.

iCM is the most robust and easiest way to push printers down to user's workstations. However, without using iCM, you can push iPrint printers using a login script or batch file with IPRNTCMD.EXE. IPRNTCMD.EXE is an executable that is installed with the iPrint client. For more information on this executable, see the TID titled "What are the command line switches for the IPRNTCMD command?"

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