Can not rename or delete files that were migrated to OES Linux

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  • 26-Oct-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


After data had been moved to OES Linux it was not possible to rename or delete certain files or directories.
If you were root on the physical server you could also not delete or rename these files.

Novell Dynamic Storage is unable to delete files after they have been moved.  This was caused by the delete inhibit (di) attribute.  example: "attrib -l FILENAME" to see the attributes of the file (this is a lowercase L).


The problem is that there are attributes that were set in NetWare that are still set on these files.

Use the attrib command to determine and remove these attributes.

attrib is located in /sbin/attrib
use "attrib --help" to determine useage and see an example.

If you need to clear the attributes on an entire directory AND subdirectories use the following steps.
1. cd into the problem directory ie. cd /media/nss/DATA/users
2. Then run this command exactly as it is below.
find . -print -exec attrib -c=all {} \;

Additional Information

If you are using DST (Dynamic Storage Technology) you will have to clear the attributes on the primary and shadow (secondary) volumes.

Change Log

June 1, 2010 : Juston Mortenson : fixing example of "attrib -L FILENAME" to "attrib -l FILENAME"