iPrint Linux 1285 Error trying to install Printers after RUG update

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  • 25-Jul-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server Support Pack 2


Workstations receive the following error when trying to install iPrint printers after updates have been applied via RUG:

iPrint install error: iPrint Printer - The printer experienced a temporary error. Please retry the request later.

Another symptom is seeing a 0x500 error when trying to move the Print Manager from one server to another. This is done by using the "Move" button within the Print Manager's properties shown in iManager.


Ensure NAMCD is running by typing:
rcnamcd restart

Note: Running rcnamcd status will most likely show that namcd is running. However, it must be restarted before going on to step 2.

2. Download and re-install iPrint RPM.
Download the latest iPrint RPM (novell-iprint-server-5.1.20061109-3.i586.rpm) from here:


3. Restart iPrint services and Apache
Restart the Driver Store and Print Manager after installing the updated RPM.
rcnovell-idsd restart
rcnovell-ipsmd restart
rcapache2 restart

4. Verify
Verify the patch is installed by running the following command:
rpm -qa | grep novell-iprint-server

The following should be returned: novell-iprint-server-5.1.20061109-3

Install an iPrint printer from the iPrint default page (/ipp page) to confirm that the problem is resolved.

The iPrint RPM installation sets permissions on various directories and files. This process relies on NAMCD to be running so that the wwwrun user and www group is available. If that user and group is not available, then permissions are set root. Many iPrint functions fail if root is assigned to these directories. There is a bug in RUG that causes NAMCD to not auto restart.

Additional Information

Novell recommends you re-install the RPM to fix the permission problem. However, if you want to manually set the permissions, follow these steps:

Step 1: mod_ipp
cd /var/opt/novell/iprint/

You should see
root www for mod_ipp.

If you see something other than root www for mod_ipp, then type this command:

chown root.www mod_ipp

Step 2: drivers and mod_ipp.shm
cd /var/opt/novell/iprint/mod_ipp

You should see
wwwrun www drivers
wwwrun www mod_ipp.shm (It is possible that this file does not exist. That is normal.)

If they are something different, the type this command:

chown -R wwwrun.www drivers
chown -R wwwrun.www mod_ipp.shm

Step 2: Resdir
cd /var/opt/novell/iprint/

You should see
iprint iprint for resdir

If you see something other than iprint iprint for resdir, then type this command:

chown -R iprint.iprint resdir

Step 3: Restart iPrint services
If you had to make any changes to any of these directories or files, then restart the print services:

rcnovell-idsd restart
rcnovell-ipsmd restart