Troubleshooting GroupWise client user database problems.

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  • 07-Nov-2006
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Novell GroupWise


Troubleshooting GroupWise client user database problems.


The following steps can be used as a GENERAL GUIDELINE for troubleshooting GroupWise client problems. Exact steps could vary depending on what is found along the "troubleshooting path". After each step is performed, check to see if it has fixed the problem!

1- See if the problem happens with this user's GW account on another PC. If so then the problem is likely to be in the user's GW user db or the user's archive (if on a network drive).

2- Run GWCheck, Structure, Index, Fix Problems on the User and Message databases.

3- Run GWCheck, Contents, Fix Problems on User and Message databases.

4- If needed, make a note of the users Options (under Tools), then run GWCheck, Reset Client Options. This may reset the password also (if the password was set by the user instead of the admin).

5- Run a Re-create User db (How to perform a Re-create User Database KB 10007720) with GWCheck. Note that this has side affects! There will be no calendar items restored and mail will be restored BUT outside of the user's folders under the cabinet.

6- Drop the user from NGWGUARD.DB. See How to drop a user or message database from the guard.

7- If necessary, archive user mail and calendar items, create a new account and use the Archive FID Editor utility (How to use GWAFE510 (Archive FID Editor) KB 10014261) to unarchive mail items into the new account.

Occasionally the archive database can cause a problem. If this is suspected, check to see where the user's archive is set to. Then with GroupWise closed rename this directory. If the problem then goes away, GWCheck may be run on the archive and the directory renamed back into place so the GroupWise recognizes it again.

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