How to rebuild a domain database.

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  • 28-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6


How to rebuild a domain database.


Under the Title GroupWise System on the left side in ConsoleOne
  1. Highlight the GroupWise Domain to be rebuilt
  2. Right click the domain and choose GroupWise Utilities / system maintenance
  3. In the system maintenance dialog choose the arial button for rebuild database
  4. Unload MTA and any gateways that are owned by the domain
  5. choose to run / verify path for domain and select OK
  6. A new wpdomain.db file is created in the domain directory

Additional Information

For more information Maintaining Domain and Post Office Databases see the following link to documentation:
NOTE*** NetWare File Caching in the NetWare Client causes the Wpdomain.db to be locked when the domain was recently connected to the domain in ConsoleOne.

The issue of File Caching corrupting GroupWise domains has been reported to Development.

The details of the issue are as follows:

NetWare File Caching used in conjunction with ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins creates a lock on the Domain database (wpdomain.db) as a result of this lock the file cannot be rebuilt.
ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins need the ability to connect to the domain database for GroupWise administration, however when NetWare File Caching is on the PC / ConsoleOne / and the GroupWise snapins used in conjunction with file caching create a lock on the domain database resulting in the above errors.

This lock can corrupt domain databases and needs to be resolved / discontinued.

File Caching should be turned off for all Administrators accessing the GroupWise system using ConsoleOne and the GroupWise snapins.

For more information on this issue please reference TID: 3607973 C022 When Starting MTA

GroupWise Version 8 ConsoleOne snapin has a new Check and Warn system for File Caching and File commit settins.
If ConsoleOne notes issues with File Caching and File Commit the following error is displayed"
Error "To avoid problems with database integrity, please disable File Caching and enable File commit in the Novell Client settings.:

To adjust for these settings go to the properties of the RED N by the clock on the PC
  1. Choose Advanced setting tab
  2. Highlight File Caching and set to OFF
  3. Highlight File commit and set to ON
  4. Restart the workstation

Formerly known as TID# 10018277