Cannot change DST time settings through Access Administrator with Linux Access Gateway

  • 3782237
  • 30-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Access Manager v3 FCS code
Novell Identity Server build 491
Access Administrator
NetWare Access Gateway
Linux Access Gateway


Access Manager installed with both NetWare and Linux Access Gateway devices. The NetWare Access Gateway 'Time and Date' settings allow administrators to specify Daylight Savings Time (DST) options. The Linux Access Gateway has no option to do this via the management UI.


Linux and netware have different ways of handling DST. Netware has a static list containing the DST information for each timezone. Timezone information can change at any time and Netware has the ability to set this information on the command line, so we have allowed DST information to be edited through the management gui.

Linux, on the other hand, uses a compiled list from a timezone rpm that would need to be updated whenever a timezone changes their rules. Linux allows you to change the timezone from the command line, but not its details such as start and end times for DST. For this reason, the Access Administrator UI does not offer the DST setting option.

This article explains the linux implementation a little more