NDPSJPMComm failed with error -xxx, opcode: 106

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  • 18-Jun-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6


The NDPS Gateway (NDPSGW.NLM) communicates with the Print Manager (NDPSM.NLM) to report the status of the physical printer, print job completion, etc. NDPSJPMComm is the module responsible for communicating that information from the Gateway to the Print Manager. NDPSJPMComm must open the Print Manager database file (psmdb.dat) to write that information.

The NDPSJPMComm failed message is a report to the administrator that there was a problem writing that information to the database. The reason for the problem is stated in the "error -xxx". Look up the error code in the Novell Error document linked below:


This message is usually not associated with any negative symptoms (high utilization, server crash, printing performance problems, etc.)


Your options are:

1. Ignore the message:
The problem may have been temporary and is no longer an issue. Even if the message appears with regularity, the data being communicated from the physical printer to the Print Manager is not vital to printing. Many customers notice this error after applying Support Pack 6 for NetWare 6.5, and therefore are alarmed by it. The reality is that the intermittent failure for the Gateway to write data to the database has most likely been occurring throughout the life of the server. The difference is that NDPSGW.NLM provided in Support Pack 6 started reporting the condition.

2. Resolve the problem:
It is unlikely that this message is associated with problems such as high utilization, server crash, printing performance problems, etc. However, if these messages appear to coincide with problems, then look up the error code. Take the steps recommended in the documentation to understand and resolve the problem. The NDPS Manager Health within Novell Remote Manager can also be useful in understanding the problem. Particularly, review the "Advanced NDPS Manager Information" within the "NDPS Manager Health" screens. You will see trending information for various operations that failed or took excessive time.