zmd hangs during bundle processing

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  • 19-Oct-2006
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks Linux Management Linux Management 7 - ZLM7


zmd 'hangs' after initial startup
The Device is built via autoyast and a post script that automates the installation of zmd and device registration. The device is registered to a folder that has bundles assigned so it finds 'work to do' and begins processing those bundles. The autoyast post script continues to it's next step where it installs RPM's using the 'rpm -Uvh' command.
While zmd is processing a bundle the rpm command is used to install a package.

zmd-bin process hangs at 99.9% on initial install of ZLM when the services are started.


Restart zmd using '/etc/init.d/novell-zmd restart'
The script is running rpm to install packages. Both zmd and the rpm command are trying to access and write to the RPM Database simultaneously, this is generally not a good idea. Change the script to use rpm to install packages before zmd starts or install the desired packages from a bundle rather than using rpm in the script.
To obtain early access to a hot patch with the fix for this problem, send an email to with the subject of"ZLM7IR1 Hot Patch". An email reply will be sent with instructions on how to obtain the hot patch.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
1) Build server via autoyast, include ZMD installation and registration in autoyast post script
2) Register to a sub-folder (/Devices/SLES9/updates)
3) Bundles assigned to updates folder
4) Processing of the bundle hangs zmd
5) zmd-bin is hung, no response to any rug commands