Is setting Auto Restart After Abend=0 necessary to get a coredump using DIAG500.NLM ?

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  • 19-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Do you need Set Auto Restart After Abend=0 in order to use DIAG500.NLM to get a coredump?


No, it does not need to be set to use DIAG500.NLM to get a coredump.

However, if the coredump is to be analyzed by Novell Technical Support, it is required to set Auto Restart After Abend=0.

The server must not be allowed to recover from an abend to get a useful coredump.

Additional Information

Forcing a coredump before an abend or after a soft abend proves a useful troubleshooting technique for hangs or high utilization issues.
To force a coredump press the following key sequence to get into the Internal Debugger:


This will take you to a # prompt. At the colon prompt type .c to force a coredump and then follow the prompts. Once the coredump is complete you can opt to return to the server prompt without rebooting by typing the letter g. This i s not recommended but may be necessary under rare troubleshooting scenarios.

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