Error 319 while loading NDPS Manager

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  • 30-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iPrint for NetWare
Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5


Error 319 while loading NDPS Manager
Unable to load NDPS Manager


1. Use SDIDIAG to gather specific SDKey information from servers by following TID 10088626
2. Check if the Keys are missing in the Process.txt file created in step 1
3. Locate the Server that have all the keys including Revoked keys
4. Designate the Server located in step 3 as the SD Key Server following the steps listed below :-
a. Launch ConsoleOne
b. Expand the Security Containter
c. Expand the KAP Container
d. Right click the W0 object and select Properties
e. Select the Other Tab
f.. Expand"NDSPKI:SD Key Server DN" Attribute
g. Select the Value and click Modify
h. Click the Browse button and select the Server located in step 3
i. Click Ok
j. Select NDS Rights | Trustees of this Object Tab
k. Verify that all the servers are listed as Trustees
l. Click Apply and Close
5. Restart the Server
6. Please follow the steps listed below to resynchronize the Tree Keys
a. Use SDIDIAG to connect to the Tree Key Server
b. At the SDIDIAG Prompt, type "SD -R" without quotes and press Enter (SD -R will Revoke all keys and generate a new Active key)
c. At the SDIDIAG Prompt, type "SS -i C:\SERVER.TXT" without quotes and press Enter, where SERVER.TXT is a list of all the servers in the Tree that was created in step 1. (SS -i C:\SERVER.TXT will sync all the keys that the W0 server(s) contain to all servers in the tree)

Additional Information

If the PROCESS.TXT shows a single Active Key present on all the Server and no other Active Key is present, then it is optional to follow step 6B