Losing backed up Access Manager configuration store after uninstall

  • 3743147
  • 09-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Access Manager 3 shipping code
Access Administrator
Novell identity Server build 491


After running the /opt/novell/devman/bin/ambkup.sh shell script to backup the Access Manager configuration store, the files are stored in the /opt/novell/devman/bin/ with the name'__


When backing up the Access Manager configuration, copy the backups to a safe location that is not under the following directory path

- /opt/novell
- /etc/opt/novell
- /var/novell
- /var/opt/novell
- /opt/volera

each of these subdirectories will be cleaned up and removed with a full uninstall of Access Manager.

Additional Information

SP1 will make sure that the backup's are copied to a directory that will not be removed by any Access Manager uninstall operations.