How to create Admin defined Fields in the GroupWise Address books

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  • 25-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5


How to create and add Admin defined Field for GroupWise Address books
Adding Mobile phone or other columns to the GroupWise system address book
Adding custom columns to the GroupWise address book


Using and Creating Custom Fields
1. Open ConsoleOne and highlight an NDS OU.
2. Go to Tool/Schema Manager.
3. Select the Attribute Tab
4. Select Create then select next
5. Put in Attribute Name you wish to create. You can leave the ASN1 ID field blank, then select next
6. For Syntax drop down list choose the Case Ignore String and select next
7. For the Tag field check Single Value only and select next
8. Then select Finish
9. If the item does not show, close the Schema Manager and reopen.
10. In Schema manager go to the Class Tab scroll down find User
11. Select ADD and find in the "Available attributes field" the name of the attribute you created and move it to the "Add this attribute side" select ok and close.
12. Now Create the Admin defined field for the domain in GroupWise (if not already created by following step 13)
13. In ConsoleOne, right click the domain object, choose Properties.
14. Click on the on the GroupWise tab drop down and choose Address Book , then click the Map Additional Fields button. This will list the Administrator Defined Fields.
15. Click on an Admin Defined field that says "admin defined 2 in the NDS Property column (do not use admin defined 1 as there have been known issues with this entry.)
16. Click on the Edit button to edit this field and select the user property that you created and would like associated with the Admin Defined field.
17. Click on OK twice. The NDS user property you selected will now show in the Available Fields box and you will need to select it to move to the Address book fields side (from right to LEFT). This step should be preformed on every domain you would like to have the address book column available to.

If replication fails to occur
1. A rebuild should automatically kick off and update the indexes for the domain but to insure this is down and in the event it does not happen automatically | right click on the domain object | choose GroupWise utilities | system maintenance and choose to rebuild addresses for listing then click run.
2. Now rebuild each post offices addresses for listing by right clicking on the post office in ConsoleOne | choose GroupWise utilities | system maintenance and choose to rebuild addresses for listing then click run.

To Populate Data in newly created Fields
1. Go to each user you wish to populate this new field. In the properties of the user select the other tab.
2. Highlight the word Attribute and click the Add button, find the attribute you created highlight it and click OK. Your attribute will now show up under the "page for Left over attributes that are not handled by custom pages." You can add the desired information and close the properties of the user object.
3. Repeat the above step #1 and #2 of this section, for every user in the system to populate the new field.
4. Log in as a user with the GroupWise Client to add the column to the users address books. If the client was previously left open you will need to close and re-login.
5. In the GroupWise Client click Tools | Address Book | Edit columns and choose more columns.
6. From the left side available columns list add the admin define column you create and move it to the selected columns on the right side
7. You may use the above steps to create may additional fields for your custom use of the GroupWise address book.

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