WEBACCESS Agent will not load - GWIA abends

  • 3738146
  • 10-Mar-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


GroupWise 7.02hp1a
NetWare 6.5.5


After installing WebAccess and its applications, the WebAccess agent will not load. No error messages are reported. When attempting to load the GWIA, the server abends.


The /user /password information in the sys:\system\webac70a.waa configuration file was not correct. First, an eDirectory user with proper rights to the Domain folders should be used for the /user switch. Second, the password cannot include extended characters like a dash. Switching the user to the admin or to another object with correct rights and a valid password allowed the WebAccess agent to open and prevented the GWIA agent from abending the server.