How to Install a Secondary Core Fan-out Driver

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  • 29-Aug-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Driver- Core Fan Out


What are the steps to install a secondary core fan out driver .


On the second server, run the install program for installing a Primary Core Driver.

At the end of the install program, answer Yes to Configure Asam now.

This will launch the configuration wizard.

Enter the LDAP server and IP address.

Enter the credentials for an Admin account

When prompted for the Asam System container, enter the same container that was specified when installing the Primary Core driver.

Answer Skip to install the Schema.

Under the section, Choose a name for your new core driver, Do not mark an existing name, select Next, then enter a name.

VERY IMPORTANT - Do not mark this server as Primary.

At the Core Driver server screen, enter the IP address of the new server and leave the port at 3451 (or the same port number that was entered when creating the original Core driver.

Save the fan-out.xml file to a local hard drive.

Make sure the Primary driver is running.

Install the newly created fan-out.xml to a new driver set and new driver.

Importing the driver may take a while but should finish successfully.

Set up security credentials equal to Admin, and exclude admin accounts.

Choose Finish.

Start the driver.

You should now see a Primary and Secondary driver under the Fan Out plug-ins in iManager.