Error: "Failed to find required components" when launching DESKTOPDNA

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  • 22-Jun-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Personality Migration
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Windows XP Professional Support Pack 2


Error: "Failed to find required components" when launching DESKTOPDNA from network drive if not logged in as administrator.
1. Install ZENworks Personality migration suite on an admin PC.

2. Launch Start | Programs | Novell | ZENworks | ZENworkspersonality migration | DNA Director.

3. Enter information in the wizard using the information in thedocument"Director Setup.doc"

4. Step 3 creates a desktopdna.exe located on the network drivethat end users are supposed to be able to launch but error Failed to find required components occurs when launching the .exe file from Windows XP machines This works just fine on Windows 2000.


Updating the Microsoft library Files to the following versions will fix this problem:

Msxml4.dll 1.17 MB 4.10.9404.0

Msxml4a.dll 43.5 KB 4.10.9404.0

Msxml4r.dll 80.5 KB 4.10.9404.0

This can be fixed by running the library Update manually by launching LibraryUpdate.exefrom\directormigration\ddnarun\Libraryupdate directory.

Additional Information

Info in Policy Driven Personality Migration document on Coolsolutions shows info but version under the ZENworks integration section is outdated (version 4.01 vs 4.10.9404.0).