How to Change Mouse Orientation from Right Handed to Left

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  • 07-Aug-2006
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10


This document discusses how to change the mouse orientation on SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED) from the default for right handed operation to left handed.
NOTE: This TID assumes the default windows manager Gnome was installed, and uses only GUI tools to make the change. A document found on explains text-based commands to accomplish this task.


To change the orientation of the mouse do the following:
  1. Click 'Computer' in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Click 'Control Center' from the pop up menu.
  3. In the 'Hardware' section of the Control Center, select'Mouse'.
  4. In the section entitled 'Mouse Orientation', make sure that the field 'Left Handed Mouse' has an 'x' in the box next to it. (Note: to switch back to right handed operation, make sure that that 'x' is removed from this field).
  5. Click 'Close'.
  6. Close the Control Center by clicking the small 'x' in the upper right hand corner of the screen.