"Time is not synchronized to the network" error message on NetWare Access Gateway console

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  • 03-Nov-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Novell Identity Server on linux
NetWare Access Gateway in VMWare ESX 3 platform


Setup a protected resource on NetWare Access Gateway. User successfully authenticates to proteced resource via Identity server. After a few hours of inactivity, usually after the setup has been left idle overnight, users start experiencing 100101014 errors.

These errors are time related and caused by a time lag between the Indentity and Access Gateway servers. In order to synchronize the Access gateway box to it's NTP server, the admin entered the time settings in the Access Gateway configuration on iManager and disabled and re-enabled the DST (Daylight savings Time option) in between an apply. Doing this triggered the above 'time is not in sync' error at the server console.


Enter the Access Gateway configuration, select the 'Date & Time' tab and simply change the timezone from the existing one to another, and back again. This will reset the DST settings and bring the time back into sync.

Additional Information

When disabling the DST setting, the DST time settings are reset to the default of jan 1 2007. This would cause major issues when validating SAML assertions as the SAML conditions would fail. A fix will make sure that the current DST settings are not lost in the configuration store (Access Administrator) when the DST option is disabled.