How to restore a Windows eDirectory database and force a backlink

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  • 19-Jul-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.7.3 for Windows 2000
Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Windows 2003
Novell eDirectory 8.8 for Windows 2000


To restore an eDirectory database is a very serious endeavor. The determination to do so requires either an extensive knowledge of eDirectory and an understanding of the reprecussions in performing the restore or prior consultation with Novell's technical services.
If these steps are not performed correctly or performed inappropriately the tree may suffer extensive damage and\or require a call to Novell Technical Services to sort out the damage if it is possible to do so.


This following steps assume this server has been removed from all the replica rings it once shared and one has promoted another server to be the master replica of each partition if this server was previously the master. Further this assumes the database backup was made recently and no major server or partition operations have been performed siuce taking the backup.
To remove this server from the rings on NetWare load dsrepair -a, Advanced Options - Replica and Partition Operations - View Ring - select this server then select to remove this server from the ring.
For Windows go to the Novell eDirectory Services GUI on each partitions master replica server - highlight dsrepair, put -A in the startup parameters and select Start. Now double click on each partition, highlight this server, select Partitions - Replica Rings - Remove Server from Ring. Dsrepair will make only one attempt to contact the other servers for the change so it is a good idea to spot check a few servers to make sure they received the change. NO_ACCESS errors in Dstrace during the backlink process discussed below indicates this step was not completed.
NOTE: Due to the timestamp and object inconsistancies introduced during the restore the server must have its partitions forcefully removed after the restore.
1. Shutdown eDirectory services by going to the Novell eDirectory Services GUI and selecting shutdown. It is a good idea to put the Novell eDirectory Service into a manual startup state using Windows Services GUI in case the server reboots at an inappropriate moment.

2. Delete the c:\novell\nds\dibfiles directory.

3. Restore this directory from your backup.

4. Disconnect the network cable(s) from the server.

5. Set the Novell Service to auto if it is not already so.

6. From the Novell eDirectory Services GUI - select the startup button. Give it a few minutes to fully come up.

7. From the Novell eDirectory Services GUI - highlight dsrepair, put -XK2 (all caps)in the startup parameters and select the start button. Select Repair - Local Database Repair - and keep the default options. It will give a warning and ask for a login. The repair will take a while. It is working when messages scroll past reporting it is " killing ". There will be many error counts. When complete save the database if prompted and exit repair.

8. From the Novell eDirectory Services GUI - start DSTRACE. Select Edit - Options - Clear all. Now put check marks next to Backlinker and Backlinker Detail. Select OK.

9. Now the backlinker needs to be triggered. To force the backliner to kick off go to the Novell eDirectory Services GUI - highlight ds.dlm and select Configure. On the eDirectory Configurator window select the Triggers tab then click on the Backlinker button. There should now be a good deal of backlinker activity going past on the Dstrace screen. Much of this activity should indicate objects were successfully backlinked or a backlink was created.

The backlink process has completed once you see the following:
BLink : Finished reference check succeeded
BLink : Saving reference check configuration parameters succeeded

At this point you may begin to add read-writes replicas of whichever paritions this server once held. If there are any errors ensure the server has been truly removed from the replica rings from each server's perspective, run a repair network addresses from dsrepair then trigger the backlink process again.