Windows GPO policy fails to apply with error "Path for the group policy content is null."

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  • 21-Mar-2008
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


Failure to apply Windows Group Policy.
ERROR:There was an error while accessing content for policy "testGPO". The error was -"Path for the group policy content is null."
ERROR:"Failed to distribute item: Inaccessible content"


When using the ZCM Group Policy Tool in ZCC, be careful not to hit the upload button too soon otherwise null content may be generated.

Additional Information

When running the Group Policy tool, these dialogs come up:
  1. ZENworks will configure the Group Policy. Wait for it to complete.
    Then press "Upload" to upload the Group Policy settings to the ZENworks server.
  2. Preparing to edit Group Policy Settings
Then the Group Policy Editor comes up.
After modifying the Group Policy and exiting, be certain that the"Preparing to edit" dialog box is cleared prior to submitting the upload dialog.
Further troubleshooting: Note the associated content guid id in the zmd-messages.log and check the content-repo for a zc file by that name.

There can be a delay from when group policies get edited and when the group policy content makes it to the content repository directory.

If group policies are applied to a workstation before the group policy content makes it to the content repository, this error message will happen.

To tell if the content of the policy got replicated, go to the details of the policy, then click on the Content Servers tab. The help button is helpful on this page. It says this:

"If the status is "Available" that means that the policy is physically on the content server and available for distribution"