Blade Server hangs when power cycled after SP6 was applied

  • 3703143
  • 12-Jul-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


HP BL25 server
Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 6


Server had been upraded from Support Pack 5 to Support Pack 6. When warm booted after the upgrade, the server would restart and come up fine. On cold boot, the serverr would hang when loading acpidrv.psm.


There are 2 steps to the resolution. First, if EXCLUDE.PL or CONFIG.NW exist in the the server boot directory (ususlly c:\nwserver) rename or delete them. Next start the server with the -ns -na swotches. When the server has come up to the : prompt, type the command 'regedit'. This will bring up the registry editor. CD to \\my server\hwdhardware\. If the key "NBI_Disable_Scan" exists delete it. At the regedit prompt the letter 'h' will give command help.