How to retrieve GroupWise mail from a backup of the Post Office directory structure..

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  • 12-Jan-2007
  • 31-May-2012


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How to retrieve GroupWise mail from a backup of the Post Office directory structure..


1. Restore the Post Office directory structure to a new (temp) location.
2. Log in to the restored mailbox in 'Direct' mode with the /@u-? or the /ph-path switch in the GroupWise 'Target' line of the GroupWise icon you use to luanch GroupWise

Additional Information

If the back up of the post office (wphost.db) did not allow direct access you can change this by getting a copy of the wpdoomain.db of the domain that owns the post office. Copy the wpdomain.db to a temp locatioon |Connect to this domain in ConsoleOne | Tools | system operations | select Domain.

Once connected to a copy of the back up domain you can then change the post office access mode and any other setting we will need for this.

1) Access mode

2) Security

3) User Password

Set Post Office security to low. Security high will not allow a direct log in with out the NDS log in being established first.

You may also change the users password in the properties of the GroupWise user.

Also run the standalone GWCheck, and from the drop down menu, select Reset Client Options for this user. (Note: for GW6x/ 7x, also selectClear Password. This will clear the password in the user database

Rebuild the post office but insure that you change the path to the post office to the temp location once you have hit the "run" button on the rebuild you will be prompted for the post office location and you can redirect the rebuild here. You may also redirect the post office rebuild to your local drive and copy the wphost.db to the temp directory.

Log in using the GroupWise client in direct mode and archive the mail, appointments, etc. Address books can be exported and later imported

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