How to create a user with a blank password in the User Application

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  • 11-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.0
Novell Identity Manager 3.0.1


Can not create a user without a password using Create portlet in User Application


1) In Identity Manager, under 'Roles and Task', select password policies.
2) Create a new password policy or modify an existing password policy.
3) In the 'Advanced Password Rules' window, deselect these options:
- Minimum number of characters in password (1-512)
- Maximum number of characters in password (1-512)
4) In Identity Manager Designer, go to 'Directory Abstraction Layer'
5) Select 'User' under 'Entities' and scroll down to the bottom of the screen
6) Deselect the check box 'Password required when attribute is created'.
7) Deploy
8) In the User Application, create a user using the 'Create Portlet'