eDirectory 8.8 SP1 Changes

  • 3693675
  • 22-Feb-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell eDirectory 8.8 for All Platforms
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for All Platforms


Novell Technical Support provides this document for the purpose of helping customers understand eDirectory 8.8 SP1 changes. It is important to note that you should use this document in conjunction with the product documentation available at https://www.novell.com/documentation/edir88/ .
The eDirectory 8.8 SP1 for All Platforms is available athttps://support.microfocus.com/kb/doc.php?id=2974078
Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP1 has the following list of bugs/issues resolved:
Defect Description

138697 Novell SSL Service startup error -5984 on Windows (when the Novell client is not installed)
141013 ndsmanageron SLES 9 lists the instance and exits without giving options (when root access is obtained by su)
143930 eDirectory 8.8 upgrade using YaST doesn't work according to Novell document. (with dib upgrade failed
144992 Edir 8.8 Shouldn't come back with ldap,, iMonitor, embox warnings for local box if I'm not running those services
locally (see dscheck.log)
145221 eDir8.8 master server coreing repeatedly in a large tree (12+ servers) (due to ncpengine defect)
146175 (Enhancement:)Unattended 88 Netware Install is supported
147136 eDir 8.8 doesn't setup the SYS share required by ZENworks
159800 Silent Install fails during configuration (on Windows 2003)
138737 Multiple Instance Support AIX- The LDAP Clear Text and SSL ports are not coming up i.e not listening for 2nd
instances onwards
138696 eDirectory 8.8 NONROOT Installation won't work on Solaris 9 (latest fixes) (when install directory is on a mounted
165480 After upgrading from 8738 to 88SP1 ndscheck is dumping core in windows (when locale is Japanese)
138728 Objects sync fails when ER is enabled in an upgraded setup.
145590 Admin configuration of tree may not finish properly, No way of getting it configured afterwards from
nds-install script.
149595 ndsd doesn't run by default after eDirectory 8.8 upgrade using YaST.
154224 ndsconfig upgrade should stop ndsd if it is running
176278 if 8737 is configured on non-default port upgrade is failing.
172105 Cross-site scripting vulenrability in HTTPStk
141073 libsal_psr is not being loaded by ndsd on Solaris 10
138678 Core on SOL9: TranslateParsedDN()
138717 HTTP and LDAP should move to latest ntls
138721 SRSCycle3: Memory Buildup while running secured ldap searches on Multiple Instance Setup.
138722 SRSCycle3: Cert Mutual Bind from 300 clients Dumped core on Linux.
138897 SRS : Average transactions/sec is very low for Soalris (28) in comparison to Linux (278) for SC05
139033 Upload is taking long time if the object is having reference attribute.
139077 SRSCycle3: ldap bind with 5000 clients dumped core.
139171 SRSCycle3: ndsd got hung & Simple password binds are failing with 2000 connections within 5 mins.
140482 After upgrading from 873 IR7 to 88 , 8010 and 8008 ports are not listening in primary
144448 rcndsd doesn't work after eDirectory 8.8 is upgraded on OES Linux SP2 server.
138723 SRSCycle3: Cert Mutual Bind from 300 clients are hanging eDirectory on Solaris.
169030 no need to check if the channel is secure if EA is not enabled.
138690 No way to update the cached data wihout triggering DRL
138698 Remove the 64K limit on the amount of data that can be cached on Xrefs
136705 iManager is building up connections to eDirectory that are never freed.
138683 After upgrading to eDir 8.8 on OES- SP1-NW6.5, iManager can't login to any other trees.
138684 DSLoader.nlm memory leak.
138679 iChain/eDir 8.8: 403 Forbidden errors using Dynamic Groups for access control
138687 SRS RT1 : Getting insufficient access rights issue when DG members try to perform Search and AMD
139107 lmbr gives -603 error if the server is having only sub-ref replica of the EA policy partition.
138673 If we have a replica to replica OR replica to all configuration for ER, r ...
132334 Events with EP_JOURNAL and EP_INLINE broken
83100 Adding an alias pointing to its parent fails - vsldap test
138156 Expiring a user's password prevents others from reading that user's attributes
138701 nldap is listening on all interfaces when instances are installed/configured to only use one
139120 /etc/init.d/nldap reports ldap is not'listening' when eDirectory running on non-standard port
157869 NLDAP returns success for adding mandatory attributes to an object class though the attrs are not added as
159531 Ldap based restore failed on AIX.
170158 Ldap utilities is not working without -p option (i.e we need to mention host details)
151294 Bluelance - no LDAP event EVT_CHANGE_SECURITY_EQUALS from eDir on Linux
151303 Bluelance - no LDAP event EVT_CHGPASS from eDir on Linux
151345 Bluelance - no LDAP event EVT_LOGOUT, EVT_LOGIN from eDir on Linux
151321 Bluelance - no LDAP events for partition/replica operations from eDir on Linux
141186 eDirectory should allow for cache settings of higher than 2 GB
154605 ldif2dib errors out if cache values higher than 1.8 GB is used on Solaris
138694 2 backlinks must be performed in order to get all Security Attrs Cached.
140469 ndsindex is dumping core.
147595 DIB Cloned server's 'Version' attr value is incorrect.
138695 Invoking dsbk dumps core on AIX
138707 NDSRepair causes NDSD daemon to shutdown when repairing specialized test tree
138727 DSRepair on windows not showing the time sync status correctly
138980 When specify instance by IP address, ndsrepair go down with segmentation fault
139063 dsrepair does not remove NMAS cached attributes. Refer DEFECT000414143 for more details
147246 ndsrepair -N fails with -630 in server having 88 in custom location instance and 873 instance ina default
153018 During object checks we should display the no. of objects to be repaired, as well as no. of objects repaired at any
given point of time.
138681 Backup from the eMBox client hangs
159356 8.81 build 20060317. eMBox repair will not run. Message reports that it cannot gain access to directory services
167938 eMBox operations leak memory and semaphore handles
176297 User password is displayed in clear text in logger window
138682 Unable to find ice.exe in Windows build of eDirectory 8.8
138732 ice is getting killed after setting LBURP OPERATION TIME OUT period to the max. (9999999)
160150 Security Vulnerability - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in ndsimon.dlm
138700 core dump in SLES 9 while doing iMonitor operations
138664 Container admin able to do the partial deconfiguration with insufficient rights in HP-UX
138670 Installation fails through ls_edir when organization contains a dot in its name
138720 FCS1: http/https parameters shows different values after upgrade.
138738 ndsconfig rm failed to remove the nds.conf file