[59905] Bad parameter passed to NCSP function logging into GMS.

  • 3689284
  • 28-Jun-2007
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell NetWare


GMS is unable to Login to the POA using SOAP. Getting the error: [59905] Bad parameter passed to NCSP function.


This will happen when a mismatched version of the GroupWise POA and the GroupWise Engine is used.
From the server Console check the versions of the GWENN5.NLM by executing the following command:
modules GWENN5.NLM.
Compare the dates and versions of the GWENN5.NLM and the GWPOA.NLM. To see the version of the GWPOA.NLM enter:
modules GWPOA.NLM.
If they are not the same or very close, you will get the [59905] Bad parameter passed to NCSP function error when trying to login to the POA with SOAP.
There is also the possibility that there are different versions of the GW Engine loading from different directories. For example the DirXML driver installs it's own version of the GroupWise engine to SYS:\SYSTEM\GWDRIVER which may conflict with the the latest version of the GroupWise POA. To resolve this remove all but the GWADJ2.NLM from this directory and let DirXML load the GroupWise Engine from the SYS:\SYSTEM directory.