ERROR: "Configuration data is missing from the database."

  • 3688998
  • 04-Nov-2007
  • 16-Mar-2012


Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 6.5 (GWIA)
Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 7 (GWIA)


ERROR: "Configuration data is missing from the database."
Error loading GWIA
Cannot load GWIA
GWIA fails to load and gives ERROR: Configuration data is missing from the database.


Corrective Actions:
Graft GroupWise object and select to graft the domain which owns the GWIA . See TID 10084509 section titled Grafting Domains, Post Offices and Gateways

Additional Information

Domain object corruption
The domain corruption was noted when we tried to rebuild the domain database, rebuild was not an option and was grayed out. Once we grafted the option to rebuild was then available but did not need rebuild to as the grafting process corrected the issue with the GWIA failing to load.

Formerly known as TID# 10087206