Login intermittently fails when using Odyssey Wireless client

  • 3687207
  • 04-Apr-2007
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Client 4.91 Service Pack 2
Odyssey Wireless client
Windows XP Service Pack 2
Symantec Client Firewall for Novell


Login using Odyssey wireless client would intermittently fail. It had been noted that it could take up
to 10 attempts to gaina successful login over wireless.
When unable to connect the client would return internal error"0xC00000BC"(Status_remote_not_listening). All client machines had an identical build with the Novell Client using IP as preferred protocol but with IPX also enabled.


The Symantec personal firewall installed on the clients was blocking access to NCP and SLP (ports 427 and 524 respectively). A rule was created to open up access to these ports via TCP and UDP and the clients were able to successfully login using the wireless NIC every time.

A great 3rd party doc detailing the steps required to open up the firewall client can be found here