ZLM 6.6.2 Reports are functionally unusable.

  • 3686673
  • 02-Apr-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 6.6.2 Linux Management - ZLM6x database


SQL Query is not working (too slow to use).


Fixed in ZLM 6.2.2 Hot Patch 3.

Additional Information

SQL query:
2007-03-29 17:52:31 LOG: duration: 835883.825 ms statement: SELECT
machines.alias as machinealias, (SELECT count(1) FROM log_transaction
WHERE status = '
S' AND log_transaction.mid = machines.mid) as machinesuccess_count,
(SELECT count(1) FROM log_transaction WHERE status = 'F' AND
log_transaction.mid = machi
nes.mid) as machinefailure_count, (SELECT (status = 'S') FROM
log_transaction WHERE trid = (SELECT max(trid) FROM log_transaction
WHERE endtime = (SELECT ma
x(endtime) FROM log_transaction WHERE mid = machines.mid) AND
log_transaction.mid = machines.mid) and endtime = (SELECT max(endtime)
FROM log_transaction WHE
RE mid = machines.mid) and mid = machines.mid) as machinelast_status,
(SELECT max(endtime) FROM log_transaction WHERE log_transaction.mid =
machines.mid) as
machinelast_transaction FROM (machines LEFT OUTER JOIN machine_mounts
ON machine_mounts.mid = machines.mid) WHERE ( (1 = 1) ) AND
(machines.mid in (SELECT
mid from machines where orgid = 1)) GROUP BY machines.alias,
machines.mid, machines.mid, machines.mid, machines.mid