MEGA_SAS.HAM driver fails to initialize

  • 3683786
  • 22-Jan-2007
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5


Novell NetWare 6.5 installed on a server using the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver for the RAID controller. The server fails to initialise the MEGA_SAS.HAM driver when restarting the server by loading SERVER.EXE from the DOS prompt. In this particular situation the server is issued a DOWN command with ACPIDRV.PSM manually unloaded beforehand. A subsequent manual load of MEGA_SAS.HAM does initialise correctly.

A full hardware reset of the server does not display the same symptom.


Do not unload ACPIDRV.PSM prior to issuing the DOWN command. This is not a recommended method to access the DOS partition on NetWare 6.5, and unloading ACPIDRV.PSM in order to do this is not supported by Novell Technical Services. Pressing the Escape key when prompted during the server boot process is the officially supported method of accessing the DOS command line with NetWare 6.5.

With ACPIDRV.PSM loaded the DOWN command performs a full hardware reset of the server which allows the MEGA_SAS.HAM to load correctly. By-passing this process doesn't ensure that all server components are properly reset resulting in unexpected behaviour with hardware drivers.

Another option is to remove the NetWare Registry files.  To do this, down the server to the dos prompt.  The registry files are located in the c:\nwserver folder and named 'servcfg.000, servcfg.001, servcfg.002, servcfg.nbk'.  Those can be deleted or moved into a different folder and then restart the server.  Upon bootup those files will be automaically recreated.