NetWare for SAA and native IP.

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NetWare for SAA 4.0

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NetWare for SAA and native IP.


Which versions of NetWare for SAA will work on NetWare 5? NetWare for SAA version 4 is the first version of NetWare for SAA to run on NetWare 5. All previous versions of NetWare for SAA are untested and therefore unsupported on NetWare 5. NetWare for SAA 4 ships with runtime versions of NetWare 5.0 and NetWare 4.2. NWSAA4 is also supported on the NetWare 4.11 platform.
Is it necessary to upgrade to NetWare for SAA 4 and NetWare 5 to run TCPIP natively? This question is best answered in three parts, client to NWSAA, NWSAA to host and NWSAA management & configuration. Client to NetWare for SAA. NetWare for SAA has always supported client communications over IPX/SPX, TCPIP and Appletalk. NetWare for SAA client applications such as 3270 emulators and LU6.2 clients (e.g. Client Access/400) use QEL/MU or NWSAA APIs to communicate between themselves and the server. These APIs operate at the SPX or TCP level and do not use NetWare Core Protocol (NCP). For this reason, clients configured to use the TCPIP protocol are already running TCPIP natively and it is not necessary to upgrade NWSAA or NetWare. NetWare for SAA TN3270 and TN5250 clients use native TCPIP. NetWare for SAA supports TN3270 at NWSAA2.0 and above. NetWare for SAA supports TN5250 at NWSAA2.3 and above. NetWare for SAA to host. NWSAA communicates to the host using the SNA protocol. If the host supports TCPIP, then NWSAA may not be required. However many host applications require SNA and will not work with TCPIP natively. There are several solutions to running these applications in a native TCPIP network. One solution is to use a TN3270 or TN5250 server. This server may be installed on the host or offloaded to a NetWare for SAA server. NWSAA version 2 and above may be TN3270 servers. NWSAA version 2.3 and above may be TN5250 servers. Another solution is cross IP networks using Data Link Switching (DLSw) routers that will tunnel SNA within IP. All versions of NetWare for SAA are supported in DLSw environments. A more recent solution is the Enterprise Extender protocol. The Enterprise Extender offers IBM-EEDLC (Logical Data Link Control, or LDLC) data link which enables sending HPR data over IP as UDP/IP. NetWare for SAA 4 and above support the EEDLC protocol. NetWare for SAA management & configuration. The management & configuration tools for all versions prior to NWSAA4 require IPX/SPX or NWIP. Management & configuration tools for NetWare for SAA 4 and above work over native TCPIP when used on the NetWare 5 platform.

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