Post Office Agent not processing incoming messages

  • 3679305
  • 14-Dec-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7


Post Office Agent not processing incoming messages
POA not processing incoming messages
Files building in WCPSOUT/OFS directory
Unable to receive mails or status messages
Mails in the "Sent Items" folder stays pending though the mails get delivered
Able to send mails but not able to receive mails

User moved from the problem Post Office to an other Post Office
User deleted from the problem Post Office


Corrective Steps:
The Post Office Agent is busy processing purge requests once the move is completed or once the user has been deleted and is not able to process any other messages. Please follow the steps listed below:
1.Switch to the Post Office Agent Screen
2. Press F10
3. Scroll down to "Logging Options" and press Enter
4. Change the Log Level to Verbose and press Esc. On the POA screen, we see a lot of purge messages
5. Shut down the POA by pressing F7 and confirming the Exit
6. Browse to the Post Office Directory\WPCSOUT\OFS\2
7. Move all the files from the 2 directory to a temporary location
8. Start the POA
9. Change the Log Level to Verbose by following step 4 to confirm that the purge messages have stopped. The POA should start processing the messages lying in the other queues
10.During non peak hours, please move the files from the temporary location to Post Office Directory\WPCSOUT\OFS\2 and POA should start the purge process again