All Sentinel processes start up but then some exit immediately

  • 3675321
  • 05-Sep-2006
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 5.x on Windows 2000, 2003


When starting Sentinel processes, some processes start up but exit immediately.


On some Windows systems we've found that having an -Xmx value that is too large can cause the process to exit immediately.

On the sentinel server machine where the stopped service is running:

1. search for "-server -Dsrv_name="

2. go to the right entry for the stopped process (possible server name includes: DAS_Query, DAS_Binary, DAS_RT, Activity_Container, Workflow_Server)

3. look for "-Xmx" parameter for that process

4. If the parameter is greater than 1200m, then change it to -Xmx1200m.

5. Restart Sentinel services.