After re-imaging machine using VMware, Pulsar Discovery Creates New Device

  • 3650074
  • 13-Jun-2007
  • 30-Apr-2012


ZENworks 10 Configuration Management - Beta


When Pulsar has discovered a workstation based on a VMware image, if that VMware image is recreated with the same hardware information, Pulsar discovery will create a second device rather than replace the original.
System Message Log shows the following: "Device name already existed, changed to " plus the GUID for the device.
This problem does not occur after re-imaging a device using ZENworks imaging.


VMware does not preserve image safe data. Image safe data is where ZENworks stores the GUID for the workstation, which allows the agent to reconnect to the same device object. If you use ZENworks pulsar imaging to image the device, then you will not see this problem.