iFolder 3.x - Cannot import certificates into keystore using certmgr

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  • 28-Jan-2008
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell iFolder 3.x


certmgr -list -c -m Trust
shows no certificates in the Mono keystore for trusted certificates. However, when running
certmgr -ssl ldaps://ldapserver:636 -c -m Trust
no certificate is added and the command fails with the message :
This certificate is already in the AddressBook store.
No certificate were added to the stores.


To resolve this, ensure the following directories are empty :
  • /root/.config/.mono/certs/AddressBook/
  • /root/.config/.mono/certs/Trust/
  • /usr/share/.mono/certs/Trust/
  • /var/lib/wwwrun/.config/.mono/certs/Trust/
Additionally, re-import the certificate(s) required using commands of the form :
  • certmgr -ssl ldaps://localhost:636 -c -m Trust
  • certmgr -ssl https://localhost:443 -c -m Trust
After re-importing the certificates, ensure that the Mono keystore contains the imported certificate(s) by running the command:
certmgr -list -c -m Trust
If no certificates appear in the list :
  1. Check the above directories. There should be a certificate in the/root/.config/.mono/certs/Trust/directory.
  2. Copy this into both the/usr/share/.mono/certs/Trust/and/var/lib/wwwrun/.config/.mono/certs/Trust/directories.
  3. After copying the certificate into these directories, check that the certificate shows up using the certmgr command :
    certmgr -list -c -m Trust
  4. Restart any Mono processes by stopping and starting Apache.